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日期:2017-03-27 16:11:48 来源:cba外围

  Industrial power supply small make up today and everyone said once to add battery electrolyte or water need to be aware of some requirements:
  The electrolyte is higher than plate 10 to 15 mm;There are two red line of the battery, the electrolyte must not exceed the red line.The electrolyte is too full can overflow from the battery cover holes.Conductive, once the electrolyte flow into the battery between positive and negative poles of self-discharge will form a loop.In this situation is the electrolyte should be erased, or rinse wipe with boiled water.
  And if something accidentally fell into the electrolyte, scoop, never use a metal to stick clip out impurities;Such as wire or copper wire to scoop, metal molecules will under the corrosion of sulphuric acid into the battery self-discharge formation, and damage the battery.
  Battery in the process of charging and discharging, the water in the electrolyte will gradually reduce by electrolysis and evaporation, led to the decrease of the electrolytic liquid level.If not timely supplement, may shorten the service life of the battery, should be timely replenish distilled water, avoid by all means is replaced with drinking water.Because water is contained in a variety of trace elements, the battery can cause bad influence.