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  Mobile charger charging equipment is necessary in our life, many people in my mobile phone after filling the electricity, for next time charging more convenience, like the phone charger on the lug plate, sometimes even several months don't pull down, but in fact, there is great potential safety hazard, believe there is a lot of people are not clear, here are the charger manufacturers for you to explain phone charger long-term don't pull out what harm is there?


  1, the power consumption


  Is one of the charger for a long time don't pull out the dangers of electricity consumption.Because the charger is a transformer to convert the high voltage to low voltage, if you don't pull a long period of time, has been working on it, the power consumption is very big.We have talked about in front of the charger if not unplug what consumes electricity?You can look at together.


  2, fire


  If you don't pull the charger for a long time, especially in the summer, the charger will be hot very hot, the insulation of wire coil can be melt, and then cause a short-circuit.The charger is small, no space and there was no heat, no matter overheat or short circuit are easy to cause burns.Mobile phone recharge most commonly 4 hours can is full, you should put the charger after full dial down, don't pull out the charger for a long time, it is easy to cause accidents such as fire, explosion, accident getting an electric shock.


  3, make the charger aging


  For long time not pull out the charger, the charger is a kind of damage.Charger will happen aging, make its shorter life expectancy, the use of the charger will get a short time.A bit serious, is likely to be an explosion.


  Believe that after you read the above content to mobile phone charger for a long time not have what harm to have a certain understanding, so we can put the charger in the electronic equipment after a full charge pull down is the best, but it is best to use good quality charger, don't buy inferior, otherwise easy to cause safety accidents.