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  Car charger is a kind of charging device, literally, a lot of people must think car charger only for electric cars and other devices, but in fact car charger can not only through the car adapter, cigarette lighter recharge mobile phones, but also through the computer USB interface to charge for electronic devices.So what should be how to correctly use the car charger?The following explains by the charger manufacturers for you:


  A, proper use of car charger steps:


  1, on the car cigarette lighter, insert the USB car charger head, via a standard USB output dc voltage.


  2, electronic design parameters such as voltage, current, completely accord with standard of PDA phone, won't cause damage to electronic equipment.


  3, plug in USB cable for MP3 / MP4, mobile phones, small speakers, bluetooth, PSP, etc all kinds of electronic products, power supply and charging.


  Second, the use of the car charger to note:


  1, to give the corresponding devices for charging, please pay attention to the time must be after the car engine starting, can give equipment using the car charger, otherwise, when the car ignition car battery voltage will affect the charging effect, even damage the car charger.


  2, don't put car charger in moist or high temperature environment, use of appropriate temperature of 0 to 45 ℃, in use process will have a fever, in normal room temperature, heat less than 60 ℃ is a normal phenomenon, will not damage the battery.


  3, due to the differences between all kinds of charging products, charging time, this has nothing to do with the car charger of performance, electricity to pull out the plug in time, pay attention to the health of USB interface, don't have to remove the car charger when installed.


  4, for security reasons, must choose normal brand of car charger, buy the real thing, poor safety car charger easily happened.In addition, when using must be in accordance with the correct method to operate.